MCU Hardware Development

Our services have now been extended to MCU (microcontroller) hardware programming!

CircuitBoard.128.606581As the world gets larger, technology becomes smaller. And what once required a computer the size of a board-room can now be computed on a chip the size of your fingernail… with power to spare!  To keep up with these advances in technology, Absorbing Technologies has expanded into the field of micro-controller programming on a variety of platforms. Whether you need home automation control of your HVAC and room lights, or monitoring the water levels in your sump pit or water well, we can provide a custom solution that fits your needs precisely and efficiently.


Hardware Platforms:

MSP430 (1)

ti-logoTI MSP430

Ideal for low-power and mobile hardware requirements, TI’s line of MSP430 MCU’s offer exceptional performance without a grid power source.  Fully programmable with Embedded C language syntax and offering a large variety of sensor inputs and digitial I/O capable.

Manufacturer Website:


Rapid prototyping is possible with Arduino’s powerful scripting language and large array of code libraries, wide voltage range, and many I/O pins.  This platform is ideal for home automation, robotics, or other uses that demand management of multiple secondary devices.

Manufacturer Website:

$T2eC16NHJGoFFvcRcEvGBS,MypKHJw~~_7200px-Raspberry_Pi_Logo.svg_-e1341169057474Raspberry Pi

A relative newcomer to the field of embedded electronics, the Raspberry Pi comes in two affordable versions that both offer full Linux-based platforms.  Don’t be fooled by it’s credit-card-sized footprint, this board offer multiple I/O’s along with USB, Ethernet, and even full HDMI output for graphic applications!

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